Who doesn’t LOVE bubbles?

They’re not only fun to blow, but they’re also fascinating to watch hover, float, and ultimately…POP! That’s why this activity is ideal for any day, any time, and no matter the season.

Supplies Needed:

  • Bubbles
  • Favorite Music CD & Player
  • Masking/Painters tape or chalk if outside

Set up:

Mark a large round circle on the floor using the tape or chalk (make it large enough so that all participating have room to sit comfortably elbow’s distant apart on the circle)


  • Warm-up by having everyone stand around the circle. Ask them to describe bubbles. Ask questions to get answers/word descriptions like: “soft, round, flow through the air, delicate…they will pop,” etc…
  • Have each person hold their arms like they are holding a huge beach ball with their fingers touching in front.
  • Tell them that you are going to pretend to turn everyone into bubbles. Say, “Silly Gumbo, that is you. Everyone is a bubble on the count of two. One, two!”
  • Now ask them to move & dance like delicate bubbles on the outside of the circle. Careful not to bump into each other or they will pop. Turn on the music and let them practice.
  • Stop the music & announce that you will now move around the outside of the circle blowing bubbles. Everyone must move & dance like bubbles on the outside of the circle until an actual bubble lands on them & pops. Then they have to sit in the middle of the circle and wait until everyone joins them.
  • Older children may enjoy the same basic activity but with a different twist: Moving around the outside of the circle, trying NOT to have a bubble land/pop on them. If it does, then they are “out” of the Bubble Bop & have to sit in the middle.
  • Don’t forget to turn everyone back into people when you are done!

Make sure your imaginations are ready!!!!

Get ready for some silly fun!!!!

Laughter required!!!!


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