You’re sitting on the front steps and you spy an ant. You watch it take a few steps forward. Looking closely you see it is carrying a piece of something. The ant stops, spins around and heads off in another direction. Then, all of a sudden it looks like it is moving backwards!

rollypollyYou look at the base of a huge oak tree. Moving quickly through the grass and dirt is a rolly polly. It runs into a root then quickly turns around and continues moving toward another root. When you reach down to pick it up, it rolls up into a little ball.

Sometimes bugs seem creepy and may make us scream but if you look really carefully at them, they are movement masters! Since you have already been given the movement mission, hopefully you have taken your assignment seriously. Surely you have been finding movement everywhere.

evang-bounceBugs are a great way to take your movement mission to the next level. Watch bugs or imagine them in your mind. Now make up your own sequence of movements into your own insect movement masterpiece. The trick is to not only use your body but also your mind. Try to make up a dance or pattern of movements that you can repeat. Use your brain to remember the order of steps.

Keep practicing. Once you have it down, invite a friend or family member to watch your movements. See if they can guess what type of bug you are. Then see if you can teach them. Before you know it, you will be a movement master!

I bet you never look at bugs the same way again!


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