It’s time to have some Gumbo Gang fun! Ready? 1…2…3…Geaux!

helpTdance50Tee Gumbo really wants to dance, but he needs some help from YOU to get started. Just use the arrows on your keyboard to get Tee Gumbo movin’! Ready, set, HELP TEE GUMBO DANCE >

Are you ready to dance with The Gumbo Gang? Well, let’s see if you can keep up! To play, just imitate the gang’s dance moves. So when you’re ready, GO GUMBO >

jigsawgame50Ready to help put The Gumbo Gang together? Just rotate your puzzle pieces by clicking on them, then drag the pieces to connect the characters. Ready…set…play the JIGSAW PUZZLE >

gumbotothebeat50Ready to get up and move to the beat? You’ll want to match you silhouette to the one in the game, then start touching the stars when you hear the music play. Ready, set, GUMBO TO THE BEAT >

To play the games, make sure your computer has the latest version of Adobe Flash Player!