The Gumbo Gang Art Studio

Want to know about how The Gumbo Gang developed from the beginning? Check out the photo galleries below to see how the gang evolved.

One of the first animated sketches of Tee Gumbo
Tee Gumbo has changed a bit since he was a pup!
We see all 4 central characters in their early stages of development
The early characters happily running along!
A few different character positions of the Gang
Jon Jon as a very early character
Even from the beginning, the Gang loved to dance!
One thing has remained constant...the Gumbo Gang loves to dance!
Uh Oh...Tee Gumbo is gonna be a jumper!
Inspiration for the character's House, by John Darling Haynes
We see the house was integrated into the early work
Even early on, you can see the unique backgrounds
Inspiration for the character's treehouse, by John Darling Haynes
Artist's conception of the treehouse
Inspiration for the marching band, by John Darling Haynes

The Gumbo Gang Concept Art

Even before the previous historical renderings, there were other concepts John Darling Haynes considered for The Gumbo Gang characters!


ba11Ever wanted to get an insider’s look into the full animation process?

Check out this page to see how animators storyboard a scene, how they create an “animatic” to help build the story, and then add everything together to make the shows you watch!

Before a full episode of The Gumbo Gang is produced, the artists create a storyboard, or sometimes called an “animatic“, that provides ’em a great outline for producing the full animation. The videos below show the animatics of The Gumbo Gang’s intro, plus scenes from actual episodes! You’ll never watch the full episodes the same way again!

Meet The Gumbo Gang

My favorite thing to do is pretend we're in prehistoric times so I can be a Tyrannosaurus Rex and chase Gumbo around!

Jon Jon

I love to eat Grandma's Seafood Gumbo!
I love when Grandma lets me help cook in the kitchen. My favorite thing to do is pretend we are on an adventure!


I love to wear costumes and use my imagination!
My favorite sounds are jazz music and the laughter of Jon Jon and Evangeline as they play fun games with with Gumbo!

Grandma Praline

I sure do love to cook...Shrimp Etoufee is my favorite!
When I play catch with Jon Jon and Evangeline, I get to run all over the bayou fetching the ball. Then I love to get a bite to eat and take a nice long nap.

Tee Gumbo

My favorite things are Boudin and a Ham Bone!

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