TeeTailWag-smEven though Jon Jon and Evangeline are healthy and active, they occasionally need to go see the doctor. It’s always a good idea to get a check up and visit with the doctor. But did you know it’s also very important for Tee Gumbo to go see his doctor once a year?

It might seem strange to think a dog or a cat would need to visit a doctor, but pet doctors, or veterinarians, are one of the most important people in your furry friend’s life.

Your vet will usually give your animal an exam. This means the vet will look carefully at your animal, checking his nose to make sure it’s not running, his eyes to make sure they are clear and full of life. A veterinarian will also check your dog’s mouth, because dogs can get cavities too you know. The doctor will also look at his ears to make sure there are no infections or bugs and even will examine the coat and paws. Vets also use there hands to press and poke at your pet to see if there are any lumps. Sometimes they take out their stethoscope and listen to your pet’s heartbeat and breathing. A good vet will take a close look at your pet to make sure that your dog or cat is healthy.

Taking your pet to the vet is very important. All these tests can detect diseases or early warning signs of diseases which means you can treat your pet right away. Vets also give your animals shots that will prevent disease like rabies or leukemia.

Yearly visits are also important because they give your pet and your family a chance to get to know your vet. It’s important to get to know this person, because, as we said, a vet is one of the most important people in your pet’s life.