Pet 101 | No Begging!

scene1Jon Jon, Evangeline, and Grandma love to eat all kinds of food, and their dog Tee Gumbo loves to eat too. But they’re always very careful about what they feed their four-legged family member.

Sometimes Tee Gumbo begs and whines for treats from the table. Jon Jon is always tempted to slip him a scrap to quiet him down but he knows better. Many of the foods that people eat can be poisonous to animals. Grapes and raisins are bad for a dog’s kidneys. Chocolate can damage his heart, and even apples, cherries or tomatoes can make a furry friend sick. Also if you give dogs meat still on the bone there’s a chance they might choke on the bone.

Another reason not to feed your dogs or cats table scraps is to keep from overfeeding your pet. Did you know that over 40% of dogs in our country are overweight? And obesity is the top health issue facing cats. Just as it’s not good for people to have too many extra pounds, it’s also not good for animals.

nobeggingFinally, even if you’re very careful about what foods you give your pet, you may be teaching them that it’s OK to eat from the table with out your permission. So you may step away from your fresh, delicious, nutritious meal only to return and discover it is now your pet’s fresh, delicious, nutritious meal.

So remember, it is always a good idea to let dogs eat ‘dog’ food and let cats eat ‘cat’ food. The family can enjoy a meal together, but they don’t all have to eat the same food.

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