lovedogI betcha didn’t know that your dog can feel lonesome just like you. Think about those times when you were by yourself and wanted a friend or a family member to talk to? That can be a bad feeling, the kind of feeling that makes you worried and afraid. As you know, those feelings go away when we talk to someone, when we are around the ones we love. Just think about that puppy Tee Gumbo. While Jon Jon and Evangeline are at school, and Grandma is running errands Tee Gumbo is stuck at home by himself. Maybe he feels alone, worried, and afraid too. If you were Gumbo, wouldn’t want a friend to be with you while my family was away. You would want someone just like you or even a babysitter, or better still, you would want to go to doggie play school. I betcha know now how Tee Gumbo must feel, because I told you so.

I betcha didn’t know that dogs, like us, need to get a bunch of shots when they are puppies. It is the same with us when we are babies. Yeah, that’s right – if they don’t get their shots, they can get bad infections that make them very sick for a long time. Puppies are a lot like us when it comes to infections because just like us, they have protection from infections that comes from their mother just like we do, but after a while that protection weans out and if they don’t get their shots on time and infection comes along, they get sick. So when your dog doctor sends a letter to your mom to get your puppy his shots, be sure to tell your mom it is time to take Gumbo to the doctor. I betcha know now because I told you so.

action1I betcha didn’t know dogs need rules just like us we do. We all have rules to live by, but sometime those rules are hard for us to learn. But if we don’t have rules, and we don’t live by rules, we would get into trouble. Just think, if Tee Gumbo and Evangeline were playing fetch, his favorite game, in the front yard, and the ball rolls into the street just as a car or truck was driving down the street, if he does not know that most basic commands like “sit” or “stay”, he could get into real trouble. The same goes for you and me. We need to learn and live by our most basic rules, “stop, look, listen.” I betcha you know now, because I told you so.”

I betcha didn’t know that dogs get cavities just like us. Brushing your teeth is not always fun, and who knows, maybe there were sometimes you didn’t brush your teeth before you went to bed. The next morning when you woke up, pee-whew, did you have stinky breath! Try smelling your dog’s breath. Does it stink? Just think if Tee Gumbo didn’t brush his teeth, he would have stinky breath too. Do you know what else happens when you don’t brush? You get cavities and you have to go to the dentist. Tee Gumbo will get cavities too, just like you and me. That’s why Tee Gumbo should get his teeth cleaned every six months and his teeth should be brushed daily, just like you and me. So in order to keep your puppy’s teeth white and his breath smelling fresh, keep on brushing. I betcha know now because I told you so.