You don’t even need to be at the beach to have a great time with this activity!

Supplies Needed:

  • Items to place as obstacles (approximately 5-6)
  • Examples: shells, plastic cups, cones, sand buckets
  • Favorite Music CD & Player
  • Stop Watch or Watch with a second hand

Set up:

  1. Space obstacles in a line (approximately 2 feet apart)
  2. Play favorite music in background. The music from The Gumbo Gang videos always works for me!


  • Next, tell them that you are going to pretend to turn everyone into sand crabs. Say, “Silly Gumbo, that is you. Everyone is a sand crab on the count of two. One, two.”
  • Ask everyone to show their pinchers (using their hands).
  • Now tell them that they are going to have to do the crab crawl past the obstacles to the end, circle around it and crab crawl back to the beginning.
  • Each person will take their pretend pinchers and put them on the ground and then walk with their hands and feet on the ground (not crawling on knees).
  • After each person has had a turn, you may increase the level of difficulty according to the age/ability of the participants by:
    Having them zig zag (while doing the crab walk) through the obstacles.
    Time each person to see who crab walks the fastest.
    Place obstacles randomly around the room & have them crab crawl completely in a circle around each one .

Don’t forget to turn them back into kids when you are done!

Make sure your imaginations are ready!!!!

Get ready for some silly fun!!!!

Laughter required!!!!


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