Summer is almost over so it is time to have fun with activities related to a visit to the beach!

sillysurfSupplies Needed:

  • Favorite Music CD & Player
  • Masking/Painters tape or chalk if outside

Set up:

Mark a large round circle on the floor using the tape or chalk (make it large enough so that all participating have room to sit comfortably elbow’s distant apart on the circle)


(Talk the Silly Surfers through each movement & demonstrate/participate with them)

  • Warm up by having everyone sit around the circle on their knees. Get each person to close their eyes and imagine the sand & the water at the ocean. Imagine what their surf board will look like. Will it be bright yellow? Will it have animals on it? Take a deep breath. Then imagine a HUGE wave! Everyone opens their eyes.
  • While still sitting on knees around the circle, start by having everyone use their arms to paddle out past the waves. Really work your arms. Call out various paddle instructions (ex: paddle super fast/paddle super slow/paddle on your right/paddle on your left)
  • Then, slowly have everyone stand up on their pretend surf boards. Carefully BALANCE & place one foot in front of the other using your arms stretched out to each side.
  • Once you’ve gotten your balance, carefully lift the front leg & BALANCE on just your back leg. Then carefully put down your front leg & balance on your back leg.
  • Once you’ve mastered this it is time for some tricks on the surf board….bend your knees and JUMP into the air, switching your feet and landing on your surf board so that your front foot is now in back. Do it again without falling off! Switch, switch, switch!!!
  • Take a deep breath & carefully kneel back down on your surf board and use your strong arms to paddle back to shore.
  • Play favorite music in background. Older children may want to help create additional surfin’ tricks to try.

Make sure your imaginations are ready!!!!

Get ready for some silly fun!!!!

Laughter required!!!!

Watch out for that wave!!!!!


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