Supplies Needed:

  • Medium to Large Leaves (1 per participant/approximately 4-6” each/may be cut out of paper)
  • Favorite Music CD & Player

Set up:

  1. Place leaves randomly around the room (approximately 2 feet apart)


  • Have participants stand with feet together and hands on hips
  • Have them lift one knee in the air and place their foot out in front, bending both knees once foot is placed….doing a FORWARD LUNGE.
  • Now practice pushing off front foot to return to standing position with feet together
  • Practice a few times, alternating feet until everyone has gotten the hang of it
  • Now have all of the children find a leaf and stand next to it.
  • Have the kids do lunges around the room, alternating feet. When you call out “LEAF”, they must quickly find a leaf to stand next to.
  • Now remove 1 leaf & repeat the game. When “LEAF” is called out, the person not next to a leaf is out. Continue removing 1 leaf each time until only 1 “leaf lunger” is left.

Make sure your imaginations are ready!!!!

Get ready for some silly fun!!!!

Laughter required!!!!