You have been chosen for an exciting, life changing, fun and beneficial mission! THE MOVEMENT MISSION.

It’s really very simple and anyone can accept the mission at any time. Before you get started, you must know the main key to the mission. It’s a super important key you can take with you every day of your life. This key will unlock some really cool things! Are you ready to get started? Pay super attention….here it is, your key to THE MOVEMENT MISSION:


Pretty simple, huh? Let me explain a little more about the meaning of this hugely important key. Basically what it means is that everywhere we look, we can find movement and imitate it. Or we can add movement to everyday tasks to make them more fun.

twirlbestloopJust look at the trees. What do you see? Birds, squirrels, and leaves blowing in the wind. Now, how can you relate these to movement? Well, the idea is to find a way, your own unique way, to tie movement into what you see all around you or do every day! Use your imagination. You could pretend you are flapping your wings like a bird. You could run on your hands and knees like a squirrel. You could sway like leaves blowing in the wind. At first you can move slowly and then pretend a strong, fast wind comes along. Now you have to sway quickly from side to side. You might even spin around like leaves blowing on the ground.

What about everyday tasks like picking up your toys? You could pretend to be a frog hopping from one toy to the next to pick it up!

You get the idea. Now it is your turn. Look around. Use your imagination. Find things around you…a garden or a rainstorm. Take everyday tasks like taking out the garbage. Find your own way to incorporate movement. You will be exercising your mind and body and it will be fun!

You’ve got the key…the challenge is on.



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